Fighter pilot dating

10-Dec-2017 13:33

The aircraft is equipped with a dummy EOTS fairing under the nose (Imagery via Air Force Link).

This remarkable statement, and others of a similar ilk, explains much of the euphoria surrounding the Joint Strike Fighter in Canberra Defence leadership circles - the Joint Strike Fighter is incorrectly perceived to be a 'single engine F-22A clone'.

Supercruise was intended to provide an unbeatable total energy advantage over fighters with conventional propulsion which are limited to mere minutes in full afterburner before exhausting their fuel.

A side benefit was the ability to transit from runways in Holland and the UK to the FEBA in half the time the F-15 required.

The enhanced F-15C gained Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT) to push internal fuel up from 13,455 lb to 23,200 lb, and avionics/engine enhancements.

The F-16A was like the F-15A aimed at air superiority, but limited by radar to mostly day VFR combat.

The then YF-22A ATF had evolved into the technological flagship of the 4th/5th generation fighter class - now embodied in the technologies in the F-22A and JSF.This was a period during which the Soviet empire reached the peak of its military power before its economic and political collapse, a period during which the high performance Sukhoi Su-27 and Mikoyan Mi G-29 entered large scale production, and massive Soviet tank armies presented the benchmark of land power worldwide.During this period the US Air Force relied upon its fleet of F-15A/C Eagle air superiority fighters, supported by the smaller but highly agile F-16A/C, as the means of breaking the back of Warpac air forces in the pivotal Central European theatre.Given the design aims, development histories and characteristics of these aircraft, this belief is not supportable by available evidence.

This analysis will delve deeper into the differences between the JSF and its more capable generational sibling, the F-22A Raptor, and explore recent developments in the JSF program, with the aim of separating myth from fact.

While the JSF program has its origins in the early 1990s, the philosophical thinking in many of its key design features dates to a similar era to that of the ATF program.

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